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Have you ever encouraged someone’s attentions?
Have you ever had someone’s picture on your desk?
Has someone ever made you lose your concentration?
Have you ever sent someone a “love message”?
Have you ever taken someone home safety?
Have you ever been attached by someone’s magnetic personality?
Have you ever prepared someone a delicious meal?
Have you ever seen someone’s face in everywhere?
Have you ever felt loneliness growing up into your heart?
Have you ever cried for someone?
Have you ever lost your interest for someone’s love?
Have you ever broken up with someone?
Has someone ever broken up with you?
Have you ever felt that love hurts?
Have you ever fallen in love for someone else?

Let's read some wise messages of love!

Love is never a relationship. It is an ongoing phenomenon. Lovers end, love continues – it is a continuum. It is a verb, not a noun.

All major religious traditions carry basically the same message, that is love, compassion and forgiveness the important thing is they should be part of our daily lives.
Dalai Lama)

If you judge people, you have no time to love them
(Mother Teresa of Calcutta)

People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.
(Nelson Mandela)


Click on  the links bellow and enjoy some love songs:

More Than Words  - Extreme

Kiss From a Rose  - Seal

Crazy in Love  - Beyoncé

I Don't Want to Miss a Thing - Aerosmith

Don't Speak - No Doubt

I'll be There  - The Jackson 5

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Hello studenst,

Let's practice the use of Present Perfect Simple, it is used to talk about an action that happened not long ago   or situations that started in the past and have continued up to the moment of speaking.

"Vamos praticar o uso do Present Perfect Simple, ele é usado para falar sobre uma ação que aconteceu há pouco tempo atrás ou situações que começaram no passado e continuam até o momento da fala. 

O Present Perfect Simple é formado por:

Sujeito  +  have/ has  +  verbo no particípio

I have gone to Florianópolis 

( este é um exemplo de passado recente)

She has studied at the same school for two years. 
(este é um exemplo de situação que iniciou no passado e continua até o momento da fala)

Click nos links abaixo e obtenha uma ótima explicação sobre o uso do Present Perfect Tense:



Enjoy this video! But first, study the vocabulary below:

Touch = tocar
Drink = beber
Fly = voar

Up to now = até agora
Up to then =  até então

Let's practice!

Segue abaixo uma lista de links com exercícios no Present Perfect Tense para que você possa treinar o que aprendeu. Já os organizei em uma sequência que possa fazer mais sentido para sua compreensão. Ao final dos exercícios você pode conferir suas respostas e refazer o exercício quantas vezes você quiser.
Procure no google uma lista de verbos irregulares em inglês para te auxiliar, ela é formada por três colunas, por exemplo:

Base form        Simple Past      Past Participle

To be               was/ were         been
To go                 went                gone
To have               had                 had

Os verbos que você não encontrar na lista são chamados de regulares, aí basta só aplicar a regra do ed no final do verbo.

Exercise 1:


Exercise 2:


Exercise 3:


Exercise 4:


Olá, alguns alunos pediram mais links com novos exercícios. Here they are!






Agora é só deixar um comentário para a sua professora dando sua opinião sobre esta postagem. Ela lhe foi útil?
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Os poemas que seguem foram produzidos por alunos do 3º ano "High School" da Escola de Educação Básica Arnaldo Moreira Douat. As atividades foram propostas pela "trainee teacher" Débora Raquel Wank. Depois de assistirmos alguns vídeos, analisarmos algumas imagens e discutirmos o assunto, os alunos responderam em forma de poema aquela pergunta do "Student's Day".


The new generation

The new generation
Doesn’t have education
There is no reflexion
Only competition

The children are jackass
Because they watch much TV
They sit down their ass
To the bullshits see

(Rafael R.C., Evander P.M., Erick B.)

In the past the students paid atention
With scary of oppression
They were attacked by the teachers
And did the lesson
But what they really wanted
Was revolution
In the new generation
Books and teachers
Were changed for telecomunication
(Alisson Z., Carine O., Mayara C.)

Don't hold on

The teacher voice is here inside
of my mind
Stop the control and oposition
I need to go out
The born of a new education
Don't hold on
How long?
Just give up the shout
Look at many tears
Tonight many stars
The sky was blue
but it was just so far
It was just so far
Please help my family and friends
Don't hold on
The song can't stop this moment
Don't hold on
Bye bye I'm going to another world
Don't hold on
I didn't care anything
How long?
(Eduardo R., Jessica A., Thuane I.)


In the old days the students were weary
Today the students are happy
In the old days the students couldn't talk
Today the students feel easier
In the old days the students read many books
Today the students read web pages
In the old days the teacher was the only who taught
Today the students teach too

(Jéssica M., Ana Paula D.) 


The education is not the best
But the only one who has the vocation
Of knowing what today is education
It  was before an opression
Today is entertainment
In the past there weren't reflexion
Today neither action
( Amanda C., Maria C.)

Education Revolution

The education is our priority
Because only with it
We reach the prosperity
The education without opression
The equilibrated education
Of having respect from both parts

One life, a revolution
Save the freedom of expression
Stop the feel of fear
Let's transform it in respect
Rise your hands for revolution
Save the freedom of expression

The education did not stay break in time
It evoluted and adopted the democracy
Where the teacher and the students
Give their opinions
But due to that revolution
The respect has been lost
And has ocurred the marginalization of education
(Paulo R., Jonathan S., Wellington)

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"New car, caviar, four star daydream
Think I'll buy me a football team"
(Pink Floyd)

Hello Students!
Today's lesson is about money.  Do you like it? Where does the money come from? Trees?

You probably have heard that "Money doesn't grow on trees",  we need to work hard to get enough money to have a confortable life, and in some countries as in Brazil (unfortunately) most people need to work hard and all the time to meet basic needs such as food and shelter. 
Money can buy you many things: book, cars, houses, airplanes, football teams, people (yes), trips (all kinds), ships, etc. 
But money can't buy you LOVE ... No matter, because "The best things in life are for free".
There are different words for money, one of them is cash. 


Click on the link bellow, and study the vocabulary related to MONEY


Do Your parents give you an allowance?

Allowance  = fixed sum or quantity regularly:  His father made him an allowance of $ 20 a month.

Now, click on the link bellow and answer the questions:


Choose your music and click on the link:

Money Talks (AC/DC)

Money (Pink Floyd)

Money for Nothing (Dire Straits)

Can't Buy Me Love (The Beatles)

Material Girl (Madonna)

Opportunities - Let's make lots of money (Pet Shop Boys)

God Bless the Child (Billie Holiday)

Money Changes Everything (Cyndi Lauper)

MONEY - Etymology

According to wikipedia, the word "money" is believed to originate from a temple of Hera, located on Capitoline, one of Rome's seven hills. In the ancient world Hera was often associated with money. The temple of Juno Moneta at Rome was the place where the mint of Ancient Rome was located. The name "Juno" may derive from the Etruscan goddess Uni (which means "the one", "unique", "unit", "union", "united") and Moneta either from the Latin word "monere" (remind, warn or instruct) or the Greek word "moneres" (alone, unique).
In the Western world, a prevalent term for coin-money has been specie, stemming from Latin in specie, meaning "in kind".

In Portugues the word "Monetário" comes from the Latin word "monere". That's it!

Now, let's watch a video by Marina Orlova. She explains why the world MINT has 5 different meanings: 1) a plant, 2) breath mint, 3) a place where money is made, 4) the condition of an item, 5) wealth, as in "She is worth a mint". 


History of Money

Click on the link bellow and learn a lot about the history of money:

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WHO IS AMONG US? Quem está entre nós?


Hello Guys!

There are many Brazilians and diferent people around the world visiting our blog. I was very curious to see their places, so I decided to investigate on the Internet. I was very surprised when I saw such beautiful places where our visitors come from. Here you can see some pictures.

Olá Galera!

Há muitos brasileiros e pessoas diferentes pelo mundo visitando nosso blog. Eu estava muito curiosa para ver o lugar onde eles moram, então decidi investigar na internet. Fiquei muito surpresa quando vi lugares tão bonitos onde nossos visitantes moram. Você pode ver algumas imagens.

Joinville - Brazil  /  São Tomé - AfricaCampo Grande - Brazil  / Nasik - IndiaRecife - BrazilSyracuse - United States /  Hyderabad - India.

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ENGLISH FOR BEGINNERS AND ALL LEVELS - Inglês para iniciantes & todos os níveis


Hi sweethearts!

Click on the link below and choose some short story, conversation, or grammar exercises in English.

Clique no link abaixo e escolha alguma estória, conversação ou exercícios de gramática em Inglês.

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Hello fellows,

Congratulations, today is STUDENT'S DAY. That's a good moment to think about the meaning of being a student and even the meaning of EDUCATION, LEARNING and SCHOOL. Throug out history,  education has had diferent meanings, and here I present you two interesting videos with diferent conceptions of education. However, it seems that school is still far away from what we want. Which kind of education do we want? For what? What is like being a student today?

The first video is from the movie The Wall (Pink Floyd), and the second is a very contemporary movie about "Vision of Students Today". Enjoy them!

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For 2,5 million years, the earth climate is fluctuated, cycling from ice ages to warm periods, but in the last century the planet’s temperature has risen unusually fast, about 1,2 to 1,4 degrees fahrenheit. Scientists believe it's human activity that is driving the temperature up, in a process known as Global Warming. Ever since the Industrial Revolution began, factories, power plants and eventually cars have burnt false fuels such as oil and coal releasing huge amounts of carbon dioxide and another gases into the atmosphere. These greenhouse gases trap hit near the earth through a naturally occuring process called greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect begins with the sun and the energy radiate to the earth, the earth and the atmosphere absorve some of these energy,while the rest is radiated back into space.

Naturally occuring gases and the atmosphere trap some of these energy and reflect it back warming the earth. Scientists now belive that the green house effect is been intensified by the extra greenhouse gases that human have released.

Evidence for global warming includes a risen strain of a very warm years, scientists reported that 1998 was the warmest year in major history, but 2005 coming as second mean, while reading staking from ice core, show that the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide and methane have hit the highest levels in the past 4.2 thousands years. Arctic sea ice is also shrinking. According to NASA studies, the extent of artic sea ice declined about 10% in the last 30 years. As long as industrialized nations consume energy, and developing countries increase their false fuel consumption, the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere will continue to rise. Researches predict that the temperature will increase about 2 to10 degrees fahrenheit by the end of the century what is lesser in the earth rising temperature mean for the planet.

Some climate models predict several changes, others forecast rising sea level which could flood various areas around the world, weather patterns could change making hurricanes more frequent, several dries could be more common in warm areas, and species unable to adapt to the changing conditions would face extinction. 

Although much remains to be learned about global warming, many organization advocate greenhouse gases emissions to reduce the impact of global warming.
Consumers can help by saving energy around a house using the compact flourescent light bulbs, and driving fewer miles in the car each week.
These Simple changes may help keep the earth cooler in the future.



Hello Guys!

Vamos praticar um pouco do que aprendemos sobre Reduce  Reuse Recycle. Abaixo segue alguns links com atividades super bacanas que encontrei pesquisando aqui na Internet.


Vamos treinar a escrita de alguns conceitos que já aprendemos, na primeira parte você deve escolher a opção correta para cada conceito ou digitar uma palavra correspondente à imagem. Na segunda parte, você criará slogans em seu caderno para cada imagem apresentada. Ao final das atividades click na palavra DONE para ver o resultado. Você pode fazer o exercício quantas vezes quiser!



Você já ouviu falar em EARTH DAY ? A tradução da expressão é Dia do Planeta Terra. No próximo exercício você terá a oportunidade de conhecer um pouco mais sobre esse dia importante e quando ele começou a ser comemorado. Você também praticará novamente alguns conceitos já trabalhados. Ao final da atividade click na palavra DONE para ver seu desempenho. Repita quantas vezes achar necessário.



Esta é uma atividade com música, portanto não esqueça de ligar a caixa de som ou usar um fone de ouvido. Você vai ouvir uma música do Jack Johnson e completar a letra, você pode curtir o vídeo antes de começar a atividade, ao final você já sabe, é só clicar na palavra DONE para conferir. Não esqueça de postar um comentário para sua teacher contando como foi seu desempenho e avaliando as atividades.

Let's have fun!


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FAMILY AND CHORES by Ana - 7ª Série 1



My name is Ana, and I'm 12 years old.  I do not like family chores, to dry the dishes is a boring chore. Chores make me feel sad, because they are stupid and boring.
I have a dog, its name is Woddy, he is lazy, cute and clumsy. He is my friend, and I have a fish, its name is Amorinha, I feed the pets every day.
My family makes me feel happy, because we are generous and nice, I love my family! I have many friends, they are nice, easygoing and awesome.
I do not like to wake up in the morning, and I wake up at 6:30am, I have breakfast and I live home about 7:00am.
On Wednesdays I have guittar classes, I usually arrive home about 6:30pm. At night I take a shower, watch TV, play computer games, brush my teeth, listen to music.
I'm going bed, bye bye!

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Hello dear students!

Click no link "Simpsons Family Quiz" e responda a atividade. No final, click na palavra "DONE" e confira suas respostas. Você pode fazer os exercícios quantas vezes quiser.

Simpsons Family Quiz, by Vanessa Marruche
Find this and other family exercises in English Exercises .org


Vá para a sessão II. Listening exercises  deste site,  clique no botão play e escute a conversa, depois responda as perguntas  e clique em final score e confira seu desempenho. Faça o exercício quantas vezes achar necessário.



Acesse novamente o link do exercício acima e resolva a sessão III.Vocabulary activities. São quatro exercícios, ao final de cada um clique no botão back / go back na parte superior da tela  para retornar a página principal. Esta é uma sessão com quatro exercícios.

Deixe um recado para que sua professora saiba o que você achou das atividades.

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Esta aula com poesia foi realizada com a Sétima Série 1 da Escola de Educação Basica Professor Germano Timm em Joinville - Santa Catarina. Começamos com o "Simple Present", nosso tema era "Family and Chores".  Depois do trabalho feito, todos brincamos de fazer poesia. Para descrever a experiência, faço uso deste poema do José Paulo Paes:


é brincar com palavras
como se brinca
com bola, papagaio, pião.

Só que
bola, papagaio, pião
de tanto brincar
se gastam.

As palavras não:
quanto mais se brinca
com elas
mais novas ficam.

Como a água do rio
que é água sempre nova.

Como cada dia
que é sempre um novo dia.

Vamos brincar de poesia?

Ok! Let's see what my pupils are able to do...


I have to finish the chores
I fly to the store
Milly made dirty floor
I will not clean it

I want to play
I want go to the store
The way far away
Anymore dry the floor

(Amanda J. K.)

Neve more
I will cut onions
When I cut onions
I cry
Bye cut onions
This is play time
And I go away

(Mayara B. I.)


Dry the dishes for fun
I try to run away
in the same way
But I have to make it done

I live in a stone
My father is alone
My work is done
And this is my life

I try to buy
But I don't have money
At store
I take a buterfly

(Gabriel L.)


My feet are on the floor
My head is on the moon
Far away in the sky
The way my soul
Fly high
Without saying "good bye"

(Fábio R. Q.)

I fly to the sky
And I say good bye
Because I don't care
To clean I try

I try to find the way
But I don't stop to play
That's why
I don't  go far away

(Lais A. S.)

I cry
I try
To live a life
I spy the time
To never say
Good bye

(Letícia M. S.)

My Family

My sister crys 
Why Why Why?
My dad is a spy
Why Why Why?
My mom says  bye
Why Why Why?
My brother tries
Why Why Why?

(Luis H.)

Why do you cry
Do not stop to try
Playing everyday
Because to play
Is to run away

(Willian M. S.)

I like the sun
I don't like to cry
I like fun
I don't like good bye

You will be mine
I will leave you to the sky
And I will not cry
If you say good bye


I cry
I try
I play
I run away
This is life
I say "hi"
I say "bye"
I listen to music
I sing
This is my life


I am lazy but
I am happy
I play but
In a diferent way
Think twice


Stay out of my way
Or I decide to run away
You are going to be mine
And all that is done

(Fernanda B. M.)

I cry
I try
I spy
I dry
This is me
I love
I see
I love the trees
I like the flowers
And animals
I am beautiful
And this is me

(Ana Carolina)

Em breve, novos poemas...