quarta-feira, 11 de agosto de 2010


Hello fellows,

Congratulations, today is STUDENT'S DAY. That's a good moment to think about the meaning of being a student and even the meaning of EDUCATION, LEARNING and SCHOOL. Throug out history,  education has had diferent meanings, and here I present you two interesting videos with diferent conceptions of education. However, it seems that school is still far away from what we want. Which kind of education do we want? For what? What is like being a student today?

The first video is from the movie The Wall (Pink Floyd), and the second is a very contemporary movie about "Vision of Students Today". Enjoy them!


BDL disse...

o blog ficou muito legal

Jaciara disse...

Thank you! I'm working on it!

Christopher disse...
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Chris disse...

Gostei muito destas duas visões que você postou através destes vídeos!!!

Jaciara disse...

Hi Chris! It's a pleasure to have you here :)

Tiago San. disse...

Hey, Teacher!
Your blog is very cool. I've been looking it just a few minutes ago, but it looks good.
So... TODAY IS OUR DAAY! (finally something to put our hands up :D)
P.S.: Sorry about the mistakes :x
Keep Going.

Jaciara disse...

Thank you Tiago!
I have lots of fun in your class!

Tiago San. disse...

You can confess, teacher:
Our class is the best one... Just kidding :D
"Letter Four"?
See Ya õ/

Professora Aline disse...


Muito revelador o vídeo "A vision of students". Se eu fosse prof de Inglês levaria com certeza aos meus alunos... Animal! Ótima escolha teacher! :*

W.C.A !... disse...

o dia já se passou ,mas ainda agradesso ,pois acho q tds os dias é o dia do estudante...comentado por wagner 1° 5

Jaciara disse...

yes! You're right Wagner!

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