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The book was written by José Saramago, a Portuguese writer. The story is about an inexplicable blindness epidemic. At the beginning of the story, a character scream “ I am blind” and the blindness spreads to everyone in that town, which the writer gives no name to. Authorities do not know what to do, so they decided to leave all the sick people in an abandoned bughouse. Over there people fight for survival, and they act like selfish animals. Also, there is a character who is not blind; she is the wife of a man who first became sick. The woman doesn’t know whether she is blessed or cursed by being able to see in the land of the blind because she is the only one who can see the most beautiful and scariest scenes of the place. The book lets us explore our real conscience.

Written by = escrito por
Blindness = cegueira
Blind = cego
Spread to =  espalhar por
Sick = doente
Bughouse = manicômio
Survival = sobrevivência
Selfish = egoísta
Wife = esposa
Whether = se
Blessed = abençoada
Cursed = amaldiçoada
Land of the blind = terra de cego
Scariest = a mais amendrontadora 


Dear Students,

Click on the link bellow to do some nice exercises to practice your vocabulary about movies. At the end you can check your answers. You also can do the exercises many times.

Clique no link abaixo para fazer alguns exercícios legais para praticar o vocabulario sobre filmes. No final você pode conferir suas respostas. Você também pode fazer os exercícios quantas vezes quiser.
Obs: Se você sentir dificuldades, use o tradutor do Google para ver o significado das palavras e treinar a pronúncia. 

Enjoy it:


Listen to a conversation and so answer the questions bellow. At the end you can check your answers. You can repeat it whenever you want.
Ouça um diálogo e responda as perguntas abaixo. No final, você pode conferir suas respostas. Você pode repetir o exercício quantas vezes quiser.

The movie BLINDNESS was directed by a Brazilian called Fernando Meirelles, when  José Saramago saw the movie for the first time, he felt very happy. Now let's see the video which shows Saramago's first reaction:

* Saramago has passed away in 2010.

Click on the links bellow and enjoy some MUSIC THEMES!

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